Hartmann’s Inc

What We Do

Our Parts

Get critical-to-quality parts for your industry from Hartmann’s Inc. with 40+ years of experience servicing Cummins, Johnson & Johnson, and more.

CNC Machining

Precision CNC machining services for high-volume production and custom one-off products with tight tolerances in various materials.


Ensure quality with our full climate-controlled inspection lab, bridge-style CMM, 8-axis portable CMM, 8-axis laser scanner, and MBD capability.

Paradigm Solutions

Eliminate the risk of improper dose volume with our PD Series Dispenser, featuring an internal ceramic piston, and fixed volume.

Additional Services

Maximize your project’s potential with our additional services, including welding, mechanical assemblies, reverse engineering, and engineering solutions. Contact us today.


Our Vision

We view every project that is manufactured and shipped from our facility as a direct characterization of our commitment to superior quality. It does not matter if it is one part or ten thousand, you can expect excellence from start to finish.

Our Solution

We assure you that each step of our manufacturing procedure is attentively monitored to guarantee that precision-machined components are made to the highest standards. Our merit is articulated and unyielding. All of our manufacturing operations are approved before production runs and monitored throughout every phase until the project is achieved. Our quality approach assures that every job is executed to the customer’s specifications and executed right every time.

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